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Monkey Token

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About The Monkey Token

Monkey Coin protocol is a community inspired fair launched DeFi Token aiming to improve the fundamental nature of DeFi..

We building a platform to lower fees in Swap and Exchnages We are Building Monkey Swap on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum . Where users can easily swap tokens with lowest fees on market also we already started working on development of Crypto Currency Exchange and Trading Platfrom where user can do trade with lowest fee.

Token info

Monkey Token (Monkey)


Do not send BNB to the token contract!

copy and paste this address ( 0xe72667943a465DdeeE79Cb3D3f790B37f8d7A1b6 ) in metamask or trustwallet at add custom token section to add our token in your wallet or click on given button below to add automatically

How It Works?

Monkey coin is here to provide almost all types of crypto DEX and Centralized Platforms to minimize the fees in crypto trading , NFT minting, NFT sale , Transections and manymore .

Let's Start

Beta Monkey Exchange

Beta Monkey exchange is Crypto currency exchange platform where users can trade in more then 100 crypto coins at lowest fees , currenty we launched beta version of monkey trade for testing and full version we launch soon.

Monkey Swap

MonkeySwap is decentralized swap system who work on Binance Smartchain and Ethereum both blockchain system and also we will take lowest fees in market , monkey swap is in under development right now and we will launch swap according our roadmap.

NFT MarketPlace

Monkey Team launch NFT Marketplace soon where anyone can buy and sale nft worldwide. also we aims that our platform will take lowest fee or 0 fee on our marketplace.

NFT Minter

Monkey token team almost finished NFT Minter project where anyone create his NFT with lowest fees..

Monkey Token PreSale

Get Participate in monkey Token Presale and get 2x Profit in PancakeSwap Listing.

Starting Time : Sep 12,2021
Ending Time : May 15,2022
Token in Presale : 2435000000 Monkey
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000,000 Monkey
Token Name: Monkey Token
Presale Rate : 1 BNB = 243500 Monkey
Token Sold :
(~ Monkey) Sale Raised Remaining:

1 BNB = 243500.0 Monkey


You get: 0 Monkey

In my wallet: Monkey

  • 1 Monkey = $0.00172

    Private Sale
  • 1 Monkey = $0.00344

    PancakeSwap Listing Price
  • BNB

    Acceptable Currency

Funds Alloction

Here is our fund allocation details.

  • Marketing & General
  • Team & Advisors
  • PreSale Tokens
  • Upcoming project Development
  • Burn

Monkey Exchange

Monkey token have centralized crypto currency exchange and Dex Swap in under development.

Currently we have launched our exchange beta version for testing purpose and soon we launch full version of our exchange and swap.


Our Upcoming Projects

Monkey token Team have so many projects in under development here u can see few main projects list below .

  • Crypto Exchange
  • Monkey Swap
  • Monkey Mobile App
  • NFT MarketPlace
  • NFT Minter
  • Dex Escrow


List of our Ongoing and Upcoming Events.

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